Will my results clearly indicate if I need to go and see my GP?

Your results will be written in plain English designed for people without medical training. If there are any results that will require you to see your GP we will make that very clear to you. All of our tests are designed to enable patients to take more responsibility of their own health. All laboratory data provided is generated under strict NHS regulation and procedures.

How is the test performed?

A test pack will be sent direct to your home. The pack contains all you will need to take a blood sample from your finger and will include a detailed instructions leaflet with diagrams, sample tubes, lancet (to scratch your finger with to get the blood) and return postal envelope so you can easily return it to our laboratory by posting in any convenient post-box.

There is also a video on our website which provides clear instructions.

How will I receive my results?

Results are reported directly back into your dashboard, in a clear easy to interpret report. The report will indicate if there are any recommended actions from the result, such as contact your GP for further advice/testing.

What if I cannot get enough blood?

If you carefully follow the instructions provided you should be able to collect sufficient blood. However, should you fail on the first attempt we will send you a second kit to try again.

There is also a second lancet in the kit.

Will the results form part of my medical record?

No, all blood testing performed by Monitor My Health will only be held on your online dashboard. Your GP and other healthcare providers will not be able to see your results unless you chose to share them. No record is held on NHS electronic systems.

Are the test results provided by Monitor My Health the same as if I went to see my doctor?

Yes, our laboratory is already used by hundreds of doctors and clinicians and the same regulated NHS service is now available direct from our laboratory to your own home.

If you are the NHS, why do I have to pay for this service?

We are Monitor My Health which is a private service provided by the Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust

All of our tests are available from your GP (at the discretion of your GP). We have chosen to provide an additional online service for people who are looking for a quick and convenient way to test and who are happy to pay for it.  

The fee is to cover the cost of providing this service and any surplus will be reinvested for the benefit of all NHS services

We are here to offer you a safe alternative to unregulated online laboratory testing.

Will this service compromise or interrupt NHS services?

The Monitor My Health service will only be utilising spare capacity in the current system and our routine NHS work will always be our priority.

Could testing at home give me false reassurance or trigger false alarm.

All information provided to you is in accordance with strict NHS guidelines and procedures. Your results will be written in clear plain English designed for people without medical training.

If you are at all unsure about your results then we recommend that you seek advice from your GP.

All of our tests are designed to enable patients to take more responsibility of their own health, especially as it could result in early detection of problems before they become critical.

Shouldn’t I just be going straight to my GP?

It is not possible or safe to guarantee your health by blood test results alone, so if you have a health concern, then we highly recommend that you seek the advice of your GP first.

The Monitor My Health service is being provided to offer a regulated NHS alternative to other internet test providers for people that prefer to use an online service.

Monitor My Health offers a service to complement the traditional healthcare provided by your GP, to help you manage and take ownership of lifestyle related illnesses such as cardiovascular disease risk and type 2 diabetes. You must always seek GP advice if you have any health related concerns.

Will my test get the same individual attention as it would if I were to get the test done at my GP?

This service is not intended to replace the skill and knowledge of a practicing GP who has full knowledge of you and your health history. Our aim is to provide the convenience of a regulated NHS online testing service to you in the comfort of your own home.

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