How is the test performed?

A test pack will be sent direct to your home. The pack contains all you will need to take a blood sample from your finger. It includes a detailed instruction leaflet, sample tubes, lancets to prick your finger and a return postal envelope.

There is also a video on our website which provides clear instructions.

How can I set up an account?

 Please follow the link http://monitormyhealth.org.uk/register

My payment failed so I exited out and tried again, will I be charged twice?

No, the first order will not have gone through, so you won’t be charged twice.

How do I purchase multiple kits?

To purchase multiple kits, you will need to do each purchase separately, as the system will not allow you to add two kits to your basket at once and checkout. Each kit will have an expiry date on the back of the box, as long as you use the kit before the expiry date, we will still be able to test your sample.

I have received my sample kit, should I fast to get more accurate results?

Our tests don’t require you to have fasted, however the Total Cholesterol which has a lipid called triglycerides will give a more accurate result if done as a fasting test. To achieve fasting, you need to have not eaten for at least eight hours and have only drunk water.

What if I can’t collect enough blood?

If you carefully follow the instructions provided, you should be able to collect sufficient blood. However, should you not be able to produce enough blood to reach the indicated line on the tube, we recommend that you send the sample in anyway, as sometimes we are able to produce results with a smaller volume. If we can’t, we would send you a second kit free of charge to try again for the tests we were not able to report first time.

When completing my sample, I noticed the yellow top tube had some sort of waxy like substance in it but the purple one did not, is this correct?

Yes, this is correct, the yellow top tube has a preservative in it for the blood cells and the purple top tube should be completely empty.

Which tests are the yellow top tube for and which test is the purple top tube for?

We use the yellow top tube for the following tests:

Thyroid and Thyroid Peroxidase
Vitamin D
Covid-19 Antibodies
Vaccine Immunity
Transferrin Saturation
Active B12

We use the purple top tube is used for Diabetes and Haemoglobin.

I need to return my sample but the compliments slip seems to be missing, what should I do?

The slip is at the bottom of the letter that is included with the pack that you can tear off.  If it is missing, please include your name, date of birth and the date you complete the sample on a piece of paper when sending your sample back.

How long does it take to receive my sample and how will I know when you have received it?

Although the sample is returned to us in a prepaid first class envelope, it can two to three working days for the sample to arrive at the laboratory to test. When we have received it, your dashboard will change to “Sample Received” but then very quickly change to “Test Requested”, meaning the sample is being processed.

What’s the format of the results report and what information will it include?

The reports we produce can be found on your own personal account dashboard. Easy to understand graphs are viewable on a desktop for each test. You will be given your actual result (test value, excluding Covid-19 Antibodies), the reference ranges that indicate if you are at risk and any recommended actions such as whether you should seek further advice from your GP or make lifestyle adjustments. However, these reference ranges are based on a person who is currently not being treated for any of the fore mentioned conditions.

Will my results clearly indicate if I need to go and see my GP?

Your results will be presented in an easy to understand format and come with clear explanations, designed for people without any medical training. If there are any results that will require you to see your GP, we will make that very clear to you via email and on your dashboard. All of our tests are designed to enable patients to take more responsibility for their own health. All laboratory data provided is generated under strict NHS regulation and procedures.

Why have I not received all my results?

This is usually due to one of two reasons:

The first reason can be because of Haemolysis. This is where the red blood cells in the blood collection tube start to break down and this impacts on our ability to generate results for some tests.

This can happen at any stage of the process but the most commonly occurs at blood collection and results from squeezing your finger, rather than massaging the side of your hand. This only happens in a small number of cases and we will provide a second kit free of charge. 

The second reason is when an individual has been unable to collect the necessary amount of blood required to perform the testing.

To get further advice or find out which one applies to yourself please contact the team on info@monitormyhealth.org.uk

How do I send the results to my doctor?

The best way for your doctor to have a copy of your results is for you to go to your account dashboard, view the results and then right click to "print", then select "print to PDF" in the options. This will then produce a PDF document you can take or send to your doctor showing the results and the graphs giving them our reference ranges.

Could testing at home give me false reassurance or trigger false alarm?

All information provided to you is in accordance with strict NHS guidelines and procedures. Your results will be easy to understand with our written interpretation that is designed to help you make informed decisions about your health.

Will my test get the same individual attention as it would if I were to get the test done at my GP?

This service is not intended to replace the skill and knowledge of a practicing GP who has full knowledge of you and your health history. Our aim is to provide a regulated NHS online testing service to you in the comfort of your own home to enable you to take control of your health.

Can I order a test for a relative or friend?

Our tests are tailored for one person per account. If members of your family, or friends, would like to use our tests please ask them to register for their own account, so that they can view the results on their own personalised dashboard.

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