Our Purpose

The main aim of our online service is to provide an easily accessible, safe, regulated service that promotes disease prevention and wellness.

Our tests will provide actionable health information that will enable you to manage your own healthcare. The outcome of your test may lead you to visit your GP to discuss the results, take preventative measures to improve your health or simply do nothing safe in the knowledge all is well.

With more and more people already using direct access online testing which is completely unregulated we are able to bring you the full expertise of our NHS laboratory to provide clear indicators for every test to help you understand and address your health concerns.

Monitor My Health is our way of making the most of our world class people and equipment to provide additional customer benefits. These fee paying services will provide extra income for the NHS that will all go towards providing better healthcare for the benefit of all patients.

Contact us

If you require assistance, please email us at info@monitormyhealth.org.uk and our team will provide a response within 24 to 48 business hours.

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